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Mr. Able

You would have been deemed a psychic if you knew Andre "Mr. Able" Scott would develop into a thriving  hip hop artist. Growing up in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa, he was viewed more as a student/athlete with unmatched corporate potential. Some executive job was waiting for him to complete life's education process and seize it by the throat. But growing up in the inner city provided an alternative route, which many fail to see the value of. Conflict caused his uncle Elliot, aka Diablo, to enter his life..and with him came the love of music.


Mr. Able learned and studied music styles from the east to the west coast, gaining an appreciation for the diverse sound.

Through middle school and high school Able would occasionally enter the freestyle cyphers and deliver heated bars full of life and energy but he did not take it serious enough to pursue as a career. Able learned that he was good at helping people so he began the journey of becoming a therapist. Along the way he encountered life trials, which led him back to the music.


Able began to record songs with Jon Kwest of Tribal Sun Music and Kilo G of Str8 Money Ent.  The fan reaction created a Monster!!! Feeding off the love he received from the fans Able began to record more songs and started his own group Grown Men Ent. in 2008.


Able has combined his love for people and his love for music into a career that spans states, ages, and ethnicities. He has been able to work with producers and artists overseas(Africa, Italy, UK, Jamaica) to provide quality music. Mr. Able has released several projects including Words of Wisdom, Taking My 15 Minutes, Lunch Boxes & Hard Hats, and more.

Able uses his music to unite people, motivate them to change for the better, and to provide much needed fun and entertainment. The day of the Grown Man is here...



GME Studios, 412 342-8186



412 969-2390


412 394-1267


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