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     Let us take a small stroll into the history of Andre Scott. He is the CEO of GME (Grown Man Entertainment), a company that has a platform for artist development with a host of talented people from the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This Company has given artist the chance to be a part of community and help craft the gifts that has been giving to the artist. G.M.E. has been hosting the community with talent for over ten plus years. I was able to talk to Mr. Able and a few of the artist about this Tour of the City of Pittsburgh, PA.

     The tour made it around to 11 different location that you could check out your locals acts. The talent runs from every kind of music you can think of in the industry. The artists that were in the show are your local talents. Some of the artists on the list have been performing with G.M.E. for some time now. The first person that comes to mind is their DJ, DJ Worm. DJ Worm has been spinning records in almost every club in Pittsburgh, PA., and local events for over 15 years. Famous for his slogan.DJ Worm” Why Not”! I asked him how he felt about having the title of GME’s main DJ for all the events. His reply was” Simply an honor to work along aside some great artists with a great message”. Top Swag known as Swiff is a partner in GME and an artist. He is also the CEO of Top Swag.  I asked, him what does GME mean to him? The first words was” Family.” Swiff went on to say,” GME is the history of what we Indore as kids too Men”. As I listen to his reply, I felt the love that GME brings to the community and artists that they bring to the floor. I asked Swiff, what is Top Swag? He replied, ‘it’s all about the swag on stage and in the streets of the music world.” Same message different SWAG! 

     To start the last tour date Dec.18, 2020 show was, an artist by the name of Raymond “Ghost” Brown who came from Chicago and came to Pittsburgh to escape the streets in Chicago. Found out he wanted to pursue a career in rap battles. He is now a certified battle rapper from the “Pittsburgh Battle League” New artist to the Pittsburgh music scene ready to live his dream.

To close the 21-0, Shout Out Tour was the best performance of the night. The Honorable Ras Mashia from, Falmouth, Jamaica and with a twist of J Pad Icon producer from Erie, Pennsylvania. Ras has been on the Pittsburgh music scene and with GME for 15 + years, J Pad has been in the music scene for 20+ years. Was the first DJ and Producer of GME. Ras Mashia is known for his Rasta Chants and is Nyabinghi Drums. I asked, Ras what did GME mean to him? “When It seems you are left out, but you are not. Without love we are nothing. These shows mean a lot me. Coming from a Bredren who gives you more chances to be you without an offer of anything.

A moment with the Man who brought this all-together Andre” Mr. Able” CEO of GME. I asked Mr. Able about how the tour came about. He said” GME just released a mix CD that GME had hosted and needed people to hear the new music from the mix tape. The object was to expand their show sets. So, by using his collective marketing skills and use the tour as a vehicle for the purpose of pushing the mix tape. The turnout was great, could of dd a national tour. I asked him, how did you come up with the name for the Mix tape and tour. The reply was easy and straight forward. “Gamers know that a score of 21-0 is a shout out in football. You must pass and stick. The message of the tour, The Game Is Over!


21-0 The Shoot Out Tour


By ChayButtaNHE                                                                   


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